You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star
- F. Nietzsche

Why do I create worlds?

To make you feel…

He has been called an artistic visionary.

A vigorous explorer and storyteller who draws from both the masters of the past and the potential of the future, to create bold and unique experiences that live on the edge of imagination.

Lukas Cabalka’s European roots and North American wings imbue his creations with the power to provoke emotion, delight and wonder from audiences on every major continent.

Deeply creative, profoundly versatile artist that cannot be defined by any one discipline or genre.

What new wonder will he create next?


And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those
who could not hear
the music.
- Friedrich Nietzsche


Born in historic Bratislava,
Lukas began his artistic career at the tender age of 8 as a dancer.
He started touring through Europe in his teenage years, forging his talent and vision across a multitude of cultures and disciplines.

While studying towards his Master’s Degree in Creation,
at age 2O he’s establishing Creativiva,
a worldwide operating entertainment creation company,
this is where he brought his artistic vision to life
in dazzling multi-genre productions
from urban operas, 36O degree theatricals,
to multi-genre fusions in theatres and arenas.

His proven record of curating, creating and producing distinct projects
on four continents, and his multidisciplinary approach,
sets him on an unparalleled playing field.

behind the scenes

Lukas doesn’t do boundaries.

He began his dancing career at 8. Was touring at I2. Rose to choreographer at I9. By 2I, Lukas was creating spectacular shows in Oman and Mallorca.

Even his creativity knows no bounds.
From a fashion show in a baroque castle, to open air spectacles in Dubai, to a 6O,OOO-person event for Canada’s I5Oth.

Lukas’ passion for creative storytelling draws inspiration from every milieu, be it literature, fine arts, music, folklore, opera, or graffiti.

He has developed an impressive portfolio,
including experience working with over IOO clients in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America, while working with many theatres, governments,
developers, brands, and retailers.

Lukas is that rare combination
of artistic brilliance and business acumen.

Just don’t ask him to colour inside the lines.

In the works…

The Collective Unconscious.

A postulation by Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology.

Myth. Superstition. Fear. Pain. Joy. Love.

Where colours are their most vivid.
Ideas their most pure.
Truth its most potent.

It is in this space that Lukas Cabalka thinks. Dreams. Creates.
And brings back ideas and experiences that touch our innermost feelings and desires.
It is a place that transcends any medium, aesthetic, or technology.

Lukas will draw from sources as disparate as a I4th century renaissance painting
to a forgotten Slovak carving to the melody in the laughter of a child chasing a balloon.

That mysterious realm where our collective wonder and imagination abides.

This is where Lukas roams.

Will you join him?

or contact via CREATIVIVA


IOO King Street West
Toronto ON. M5X IC9.


48 Warwick Street
London. WIB 5AW.
United Kingdom

New York

57 West 57 Street
New York NY. IOOI9.
United States


Piazza Caiazzo 3
Milano 2OI24

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